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Domain Names

Domain names are an essential part of having your own website published online

A domain name is a web address that allows a user to find and access your website via a web browser. For example www.mywebsitesdomainname.co.uk.

In order to use our website service you must first acquire your own unique domain name (if you have not done so already), from a company called a domain registrar. There are lots of different companies who offer domain names as a service, each with slightly different pricing structures, so it may be worth shopping around. However, domain names are in general relatively inexpensive and are normally charged on a yearly renewal basis.

Once we have built your website, we provide detailed instructions on how to link your domain name to your website, effectively making the site ‘live’ on the internet. The process involves contacting your domain registrar and asking them to make a small change to the domain configuration, also known as the DNS. If you have access to your domain registrar’s control panel, you may also make this change yourself.

The instructions we provide are to set up the website using one domain name; we call this your ‘primary’ domain. If you wish to use more than one domain name with your website then you will need to consult your domain registrar on the best way to achieve this. You may wish to ask them about web forwarding, specifically something called a 301 redirect.

Configuring multiple domain names is not something Adviser Portals can help you with as a service unfortunately. Whilst it is entirely possible to set up multiple domain names with the one site, it would be your domain registrar whom you would need to consult.

We highly discourage you from setting up any additional domain names using the same instructions as per your primary domain as this can cause duplicate content issues with search engines such as Google.