Structured Contact Forms

The only thing worse than no enquiries is a vague or incomplete enquiry. Our GDPR compliant, structured contact forms do things differently. 

There are two schools of thought that exist on customer contact: the first that says "make it as easy as possible for potential customers to enquire via a website", and the second one, ours, that says "Ok great, but let's consider quality too". 

Which is best? Well ask yourself this. Would you prefer 10 leads that say "Please contact me. Thanks", or just two leads, from people who have completed a structured form on the area of advice they seek, providing an outline of their current circumstances and requirements?

Think about how much intent there was; how much effort is involved in following up and; how easy it is, or is not, to understand the potential of the enquiry? Put another way, our structured contact forms help demonstrate intent; they help you qualify the enquiry and; they enable you to respond effectively and professionally.

We have specific contact forms for most areas of advice including pensions, investments, life insurance and mortgages.

Disagree with our thought process? Prefer quantity over quality? Then use our general enquiry form, or build your own. It's all good.

Our contact forms are also GDPR compliant, allowing you to, optionally, seek consent to share data as you may need to in the course of your business e.g. with a back office provider, as well as seek consent to keep in touch via the standard channels: email, telephone, post and SMS. You can provide a copy of your data protection policy and a specific GDPR email address on the contact forms for full transparency. And, best of all, a copy of any consent granted is emailed to the person making the enquiry for their own records.