Mobile-friendly Design

It's all about the tablets and smartphones you know.

With the advent of cheaper mobile data services and more available roaming Wi-Fi, we're all now much more likely to be using the Internet on the go from our smartphone and tablet devices.

Sure, we're still using desktop and laptop computers too, but the trend is towards mobile and it's hard to see that changing. This means web design and the way we think about it has to change too.

Why offer the richest browsing experience to a few desktop users if the majority of your visitors are looking at your website from their smartphone, where the rich desktop experience may actually make the mobile experience worse?

Enter mobile-friendly design.

With mobile-friendly design, Adviser Portals ensure that your website is optimised for all devices. Someone visiting from a Smartphone will have the presentation tailored for the screen size they have. Someone using it from a desktop computer will have an alternative presentation that works best for them.

This means all users are provided with the best experience regardless of how they choose to access your website, helping you engage with clients and potential clients rather than putting obstacles in their way.