HTTPS As Standard

A secure and safe web is the future. That’s why HTTPS is now standard on every website we build, meaning your website traffic is encrypted by default.

Encrypted connections between your users and your website ensure that any confidential information, such as private data and passwords, exchanged over the Internet, cannot be eavesdropped upon.

While HTTPS has been around for years, traditionally it’s been expensive to obtain and renew TLS (previously referred to as SSL) certificates year on year. Three major developments have recently sharpened the focus on website security, and together they make adopting HTTPS a no-brainer!

  1. Major browsers are now actively highlighting websites that are not secure. You’ll most often see “NOT SECURE” alerts in browser address bars on pages which include forms for user input, such as contact forms and login forms but which send the data over insecure HTTP.
  2. Google is a major proponent of a secure, safer web and now considers HTTPS, or the absence of it, as a ranking factor. We can assume its significance in their algorithm will increase over time too, possibly rendering websites using insecure HTTP invisible in the rankings.
  3. Advances in Cryptography technologies and the emergence of new certificate authorities like Lets Encrypt make HTTPS more accessible. Let’s Encrypt offer free TLS certificates, and make the process for obtaining and renewing certificates much simpler and easier to automate.

Just in case you wondered, existing customers won’t miss out either - we’re running a programme of upgrades over the next 3 months to ensure all our Clients’ websites are secured with HTTPS by default!

And, whether you’re a new customer or an existing customer, as long as TLS certificates are free to us, we’ll provide and manage them at no extra charge to you!

Let’s build a secure, safer web, for everyone.