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The content on the pages of your Adviser Portals website can be managed using what we call ‘blocks’; there are various types of block that control different kinds of content

Your Adviser Portals website already comes with lots of pre-approved content straight out of the box.

Using the built in content management system (CMS) you can add, edit and delete your own content to make the site more personalised to your business.

To manage content, log in to your site with the ‘siteadmin’ details received in your ‘Welcome Email’.

There is no limit to the amount of blocks you can add to your Adviser Portals website. Simply follow the steps below and repeat for each new block.

As well as adding your own new blocks, you can also edit pre-existing blocks just as easily.

If you no longer need a particular block of content on your page then you can delete this from the site.

Blocks can be moved around the pages of your site. They can also be copied to other pages.

Adviser Portals already provide a suite of videos as part of our service, however, you can also add your own.

Links are used to navigate to pages both on your site (internal) and also to other web pages outside of your site (external).

Documents can be uploaded to your Adviser Portals’ website and be made available for your clients to download.

Add Testimonials to your Adviser Portals’ website to show prospective clients what your current customers think of your services.

Our Palazzo starting point uses a set of high quality imagery within the header, these can be changed.