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Page Properties

Sometimes you may need some extra control over a page. Page properties allow us to do just that.

To manage page properties, log in to your site with the ‘siteadmin’ details received in your ‘Welcome Email’.

  1. Hover your mouse over the Dashboard link in the editing toolbar at the top of the site
  2. In the dropdown click on Sitemap
  3. Click on the page you wish to manage properties on and select Properties from the options
  4. You will then be presented with the Page Properties options
  5. This is split in to 3 sections; Standard Properties, Custom Attributes and Page Paths and Location - see below for more detail.

Standard Properties

This section allows you to edit the pages; Name, Date, Owner & Description. Ordinarily, it will only really be the Name property that you may wish to change.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes allow you further control over your pages. You can add relevant content for SEO, such as Meta Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords.

You can also set various attributes that will exclude your page from your Navigation or Sitemap for instance.

To set a custom attribute, simply select it from the list and then configure the various options relating to the attribute. These changes are then active once you Save.

Page Paths and Location

This section allows you to view and edit the URL to your page. You can create multiple URLs for eah page, however each URL does have to be unique.